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Our Palisade Fencing Panels

Our Palisade Panels are very unique with their double Bearer System and W-Profile that ensure Strength, Stability and high Security.

Our Bracket System is very secure and after the nuts are broken off, it makes it nearly impossible to get to the screws that fix the Palisade Panel to the Posts.

With the Double Bearer System our Palisade Panels cannot sag.

We use only top quality Raw Materials and our Pales and Bearers are made of Z275 Galvanized Steel.

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Our Palisade Gates

Our Gates are build to fit in the look and feel of our Palisade Fencing System.

Sliding Gates

We use 76x76mm Square Tube Frames and supply the gates with 100mm Wheels, Guide Post, Track, Guide Bracket, Catch Bracket, Portal Bracket, Stopper bracket, Security Pin and the Palisade Panels fitting in the Frame.

Swing Gates

Our Swing Gates are made with 76x50 rectangular tubing and supplied with a high quality Barrel Lock System, Hinges and the Palisade Panels fitting in the Gate. We make to your size and you can choose your Lock system

Double Swing Gates

Made the same as the Swing Gates with Drop Bolts and Barrel Bolt.

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Our Balustrade Panels

Our Unique Balustrade System is very strong and with straight lines. 

The Panels is basically the same as the Palisade Fencing except that the top of the Palisade Pales are cut off straight and fitted with an Aluminium Round Tube on top to round off the Handrail.

We manufacture the Posts according your specification and then the panels to your exact sizes Needed between the Posts. 

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Our Posts

We manufacture our own posts according to the size you need with NO Welding.

The supply a Nylon Cap with each Post specially design to fit the curves of our Posts.

Our Sizes is 75 x 75mm Square Tube rolled out from a 305mm Flat Z275 Galvanized Coils of Steel.

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Our Components

You can buy all loose components of our Palisade Fencing and Gates.